If you want a tailor made property to suit your business, 
We can built it for you.
We can do both build as your own building plan or

We can start with our architect team design the building for you.
If this is your case, please feel free to contact us Tel. 095 429 5555 
Example 1 >  We had built a 4 Beach Distribution Center for Kerry Express Logistics.
  • 8 meter wide private road in front of buildings

  • Front View of 4 Beach DC Center Kerry Express Logistics

  • Front Car Parks 9 Cars

  • No Column Inside Building

  • Trucks can run & park in buildings.

  • 4 Separate Men & Women Toilets

Example 2 >  We had built The Head office & Warehouse of Asia Paper Rolls.
  • Front View of Asia Paper Rolls Buildings

  • Front Car parks

  • Office Area

  • Warehouse Area

  • Back of House

  • 2 Separate Men & Women Toilets

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